Selected events of Fusion 2Night

Bydgoska Str. (Institute PAS and Olsztyn School of Higher Education)

Around the world in a bus – meeting with famous bloggers - you’ve got traveling in your blood
I, Robot - design your own robot
iNotebook for kids - workshops with Joanna Okuniewska – Polish Superteacher
Escape the LAB! - solve a scientific mystery and escape the lab
Meeting with General Mirosław Hermaszewski - first and sole Polish astronaut in the space
Master of engineering- 3D printing workshops
Test your hearing in a mobile laboratory of hearing disorders  
Slime-ology - workshops with non-Newtonian fluids
CYANObacteria - interactive meeting with blue-green algae
Forest in a pocket- workshop in a mobile centre of forest education
Nature for beautiful skin - design and create your personalized cream, peelings and balms
Hipnotising chemistry - a showcase of mesmerizing experiments
Am I well-grounded? - mobility tests
Bird Patrol - building bird feeders and nesting boxes
The Brightest Researchers’ Night- look at the Sun like Nicolaus Copernicus used to
Festival of microbiological curiosities - microworld you wear every day
Titans of the Middle Ages - knight battles and plebeian games
Disappearing ink - chemists’ magic tricks
Masters of coding - discover the fascinating world of programming
DIY soaps - laboratory of designing natural soaps

Kortowo Campus (Library and Conference Center of the University of Warmia and Mazury)

The Mystery of Bookworms from the University Library - find all the worms - outdoor games
Magic properties of gases- find out if gas is superlight or superheavy
Play and be SMART! - focus and play with MENSA
Academy of a young chemist - bring the genie out of the bottle
9D cinema - a Europe-unique movie show
Prescription dog - dog psychology
LEGO Robotics - build your own LEGO robot
Witches in a laboratory- Witches in Kortowo – artistic show
Tricks of physics – enchanted experiments- science show of experiments
Creative workshops with felt- worsted felting hands-on workshops
Mobile Science Park - interactive exhibits
How to train your mind? - strengthen your concentration, memory and critical thinking
How to spot heat? - workshops with a thermovision camera
The micro- and macro-scale life of plants - take a look at plant cells and tissues
A colourful journey of robots - learn with OZOBOTS
“A wake-up journal” - theatrical play with recognised Polish actor - Adam Ferency
We play by our own rules - exhibition of contest works
Handyman in the space - hands-on workshops in the middle of the space
Science Explorapark - explore science with your own hands
Crazy scientist - science demonstrations featuring tornado, hand on fire and flame wand

City Centre

Tracing the secret behind Copernicus masterpiece - escape from a room full of scientific puzzles
Theatre backstage - take a stroll at the Stefan Jaracz Theatre
Ebru – hands-on workshops of a Turkish technique of water painting
Experimental Library - play with air and experiment with balloons
Rosetta- mission to a comet - Planetarium showcase on the European Space Agency
Evening meeting with the Moon in the Astronomical Observatory - history of the Moon and its role in the civilisation
Museum of Innovation - following the path of ejector stations
Don’t be sad, let’s play with iPad! - animation workshops
Rally Viewer at Olsztyn Science and Technology Park - rally car simulator
Slavic Monsters - geolocation field game based on Slovakian mythology